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1 October 2012; “Girls, Girls, Girls”


1 October 2012; “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Warm-up – Jog to East Branard Cul De Sac and back, 30 Passthroughs, 10 PVC Backsquats, 10 PVC Front Squats, 10 PVC Overhead Squats.

Strength – PAYDAY PULL-UPS #10

Chalk up and perform a Max Set of Pull-ups.  Male Athletes completing 50+ RXd and Female Athletes completing 30+ RXd will receive a One Time Free Month at ASCF….

All Athletes should perform a max set with or without a Band and those on the Band should move one color down….

Note-Max set needs to be filmed or vetted and verified by more than 1 Coach/Athlete.

Quick Skill- Pistols Courtesy of Thames CrossFit London

Quick Skill- Handstand Pushups Courtesy of Practice CrossFit

Skill Progression Homework – Handstand walks…courtesy of DogTown CrossFit

WOD- “Girls, Girls, Girls”

It’s gonna be a long(er) one….For time….

A. 5 rounds of Mary….

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 Pistols

15 Pull-ups


B. Grace 30 Clean and Jerks at 135/95lbs


C. Annie 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders and Abmat Situps

No Cool Down


FYI – Because you should WOD your Brain too…..

Girls, Girls, Girls –,_Girls,_Girls_(M%C3%B6tley_Cr%C3%BCe_album)

Nikki Sixx-


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