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10 May 2012 – “OHS and Box Jumps!!!”


10 May 2012 – “OHS and Box Jumps!!!”


Run to W Alabama and Back
5 minutes Circle PT warm-up


Rack Jerk and Overhead Squat form/Active Shoulders review


Work up to a Heavy 1 OH Squat from the rack using a Rack Jerk


AMRAP 16 minutes

1:3 ratio increasing Overhead Squats and Box Jumps
95lbs/65lbs, 24″/20″

Perform 1 OH Squat, 3 Box Jumps, 2 OH Squat, 6 Box Jumps, 3 OH Squats, 9 Box Jumps and so on and so forth….

Score is final round of Box Jumps completed….


































Cool Down

4 minutes of Holding your Feet up 6″ inches off the Ground (engage Abs)
Count the number of drops (feet coming down to ground) and perform that many Burpees as a final penalty


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