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10 September 2012; “Donkey Kong”


10 September 2012; “Donkey Kong”


3 sets of 30 second Kipping Pullups

2 sets of 30 second Strict Pullups



Warmup with a jog to Branard and back

Full Audley Lap for time

Tabata Ab Mat Sit-ups


WOD – Donkey Kong

3 rounds for time of….

5 Deadlifts (315/225)

10 Hand Stand Pushups (HSPU)

15 Up and Over the Box Jumps

*Specific Athletes may be permitted to completely clear the box at their own risk.


Cool Down – 100 Abmat Situps for time, 50 Windshield Wipers for time with 45 lb Bar extended overhead, 25 Toes to Rings for time


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