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11 March 2014; “Debbie’s Good Question”


11 March 2014; “Debbie’s Good Question”

Warm-up:  Run to Jack in the Box and back, then 5:00 of Fighters Warmup

Strength/Skill: Push Jerk, work up to a heavier than WOD Weight Push Jerk

Seven rounds for time of…

1st. Minute 7 Push Jerks 155/105

2nd Minute 21 Double Unders

3rd Minute 14 Ring Decline Push-ups RX (feet on low box)

4th Minute REST

Cool Down:

Five rounds of…

12 Sit-ups, 12 Leg Levers, 12 Flutter Kicks (4 count, 6-18 inches), 12 Bicycles (4 count)



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