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11 October 2012; “The Ring of Fire”


11 October 2012; “The Ring of Fire”

Warm-up – SELF

WOD – “The Ring of Fire”

Three rounds for time of….

10 Burpees

20 Slam Ball AHAP

30 Jumping Lunges

Row 500m





Skill/Strength/Secondary WOD– ASCF Athletes, we have 9 positions available in each heat for the rowing WOD…

In the interim, before or after, we have two new Prowlers and one Sled at the Box….we will familiarize ourselves with the Prowlers/Sled, their intended use and best techniques for success etc…

We want to work up to on each Prowler….

#1 A heavy  50 m Prowler Push down and back on the Astroturf..

Cool Down – 25 GHD Situps, 25 Abmat Situps, 25 Knees to Elbow, 25 Toe to Ring

The Ring of Fire – Original Release 1963

Ring of Fire FYI

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