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11 September 2013; “A Significant Run or Row….”


11 September 2013; “A Significant Run or Row….”

Warmup: Run to Branard and back, then, 3 minutes of Burpees on the 5 second mark for a total of 36 Burpees total….learn to pace yourself.

Strength/Skill/WOD 1: Slowly work up to a WOD Weight on the Clean and Jerk with Coaches Instruction

then Grace 30 Clean and Jerks for time 135/95 RX

Advanced Strength/Skill/WOD 1:

Unsupervised in small groups, work up to a Heavy 1 Clean and Jerk, so that’s Squat Clean plus Jerk, Push, Jerk etc.

Then 5 minute AMRAP of…

Asymmetrical Grace, load up 45 or 55 on one side, 25 on the other, switch sides every 5th rep with a Lateral Jump….

WOD 2: A Significant Run or Row……

Row 5000m for time (30 minute cap)


Run to River Oaks Country Club and back for time….