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24 February 2014; The Coin (k-w-o-n)


24 February 2014; The Coin (k-w-o-n)

Warm-up: Row 750m, 50 Airsquats, 25 Push-ups

Skill: Jefferson Deadlift

Strength: 5,5,3,3,3,1,1,1,1 working up to a 1RM JDL

Skill: Whiteboard Acronym

WOD: The Coin (k-w-o-n)

AMRAP 15 minutes

Choose one…remember Heavy is a relative term, Light is a relative term, anyone may choose any option with good form

1,2,3 Burpees and 1,2,3 Movement Heavy

1,2,3 Burpees and 2,4,6 Movement Medium

1,2,3 Burpees and 3,6,9 Movement Light


Deadlift DL

Powerclean PC

Hang Power Clean HPC

Thruster TH

Push Press/Push Jerk PP/PJ

Front Squat FS

Backsquat BS

Handstand Pushup HSPU

Pull-ups PU

Pushups Pu

Muscle Ups MU