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13 December 2013 – “What is Penny’s Last Name?”


13 December 2013 – “What is Penny’s Last Name?”

Warm up:
Pvc pass throughs
Light kb swings
Light kb front squats
Light kb thrusters
Light kb deadlift
“The warmup is gonna be a prep of the workout movements”

WOD:  What is Penny’s Last Name?

33 min CAP
33 min reps each
(1980 friday the 13 movie came out 33 years ago)

33 reps /33min CAP

Thrusters- 45lbs (no Dropping of the empty bar!!!)
Box jumps
Snatches – 95lbs (add 25lbs/each)
Pull ups
Front squats 145lbs (add 25lbs/each)
Deadlifts 235 lbs (add 45lbs/each)

Thrusters- 55lbs (no Dropping of the bar with 10# plates on a 33# bar!)
Snatches – 75lbs (+10lbs/each)
Front squats 95lbs (+10lbs/each)
Deadlifts 165lbs (+35lbs/each)