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13 February 2012 – “Ryan Gosling”


13 February 2012 – “Ryan Gosling”


Run to Jack in the Box / Sub 500m Row for Rain

25 Push-ups

Run to JITB / Sub 400m Row for Rain

25 Sit-ups

Run to JITB / Sub 300m Row for Rain

25 Air Squats

Run to JITB / Sub 200m Row for Rain

25 Pull-ups (Focus on FORM!!!!)


WOD – “Ryan Gosling”

In the Style of Fight Gone Bad……(53#/35#)

1 minute at each of the 5 stations, then 1 minute rest, 3 Rounds.  Count all reps.

Kettlebell Swings

Left Arm Push Press with KB

Right Arm Push Press with KB

Alternating Dynamic Push-ups off Kettlebell

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (SDHP)


Cool Down

Abs.  50 Medicine Ball Passes in Sit-up Position


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