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14 January 2013; Helenator 2: “Judgement Day”


14 January 2013; Helenator 2: “Judgement Day”

Warm-up: PVC Pipe work…

Then, 10 minutes to work up to a best unbroken set of whichever pull-ups you prefer, so do 1 pull-up, then 2, then 3 etc so on and so forth in unbroken sets until failure, rest as much as needed in between sets.  If you reach failure, cut sets by half and perform that many pull-ups every minute on the minute or every 30 secs for the remainder of the time.

Strength: Benchpress Bodyweight x 4 reps, add ten pounds and repeat x 4 reps until failure. Make sure spotters are present….

Scaling: Add 5lbs each time, attempt to get five to six sets from wherever you start.

Skill: Dumbbell/Kettlebell Clean and Jerk, hand position and proper posture.

WOD: For time…

Two rounds of…

Run 400m

21 DB/KB Clean and Jerks AHAP

12 Toes to Rings

6 cartwheels (each side)

RX – upon finishing, IMMEDIATELY perform a max set of bar muscle ups.  you may subtract one minute from your final time for each unbroken muscle up you do.

*Not, if proper spinal alignment is difficult, pull from the hang.