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14 May 2013; “GPA….”


14 May 2013; “GPA….”


Warm-up: Self 10 minutes

WOD: Grade Point Average

Max reps scored of….

5 minutes of Overhead Squats 75/55

5 minutes of Pull-Ups

5 minutes of Burpees

5 minutes of Wallball 20/14

5 minutes of Rowing for Cals

*The Goal is to PASS each class with a score of 70 (reps) or better…just like in school, A is 90+, B is 80+ etc….if you get to 100 reps, an A+, you may stop before time is up…scale appropriately!

Cool Down: Four rounds with a partner of…one person does 25 sit-ups, one person planks…