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15 July 2016


15 July 2016

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Friday July 15, 2016

Warm-up: Run to W Alabama/ 20 Push-ups/ Run to Branard/ 20 Squats

Friday Mobility

Strength WOD: 

30 minute EOMOM – Even Minutes perform 1 Heavy Curtis P. Odd Minutes perform 5-7 Heavy Slam Balls.

For the first 20 minutes…

Perform 1 Barbell Curtis P every EVEN minute and 5-7 Slamballs every ODD Minute.

At the 20 minute Mark, you have 10 minutes of 5 rounds of Curtis Ps and 5 rounds of Slamballs left to do.

So this EMOM becomes a timed WOD after the 20 minute mark. Athletes will finish the final 10 rounds as fast as possible and then run to West Alabama and back.

Times will be either a few minutes under the cap or a few minutes over the clock.

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