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15 June 2012 – “Tree Fitty”


15 June 2012 – “Tree Fitty”


60 seconds of Pushups

60 seconds of Situps

45 seconds of Pushups

45 seconds of Situps

30 seconds of Pushups

30 seconds of Situps

15 seconds of Pushups

15 seconds of Situps

Jog FULL Audley lap


WOD 1 “Tree Fitty”

50 Wallball as heavy as possible -Rest 3 minutes

50 Kettlebell swings as heavy as possible -Rest 3 minutes-

50 Slamball as heavy as possible

Post TOTAL Time to complete


WOD 2 “A Brief Explanation of Factorials by Dr Lehane and Professor Chocks”

Pull-up Ladder with or without band… 1, rest, 2, rest, 3 and so on and so forth until form failure… Record last set completed in the form of the newly found Factorial…7! etc.

*If you always go RX’d Pull-ups, you will be playing Pull-up H.O.R.S.E. just as in Basketball…. Each member of the group will propose a set of pullups and then all members must complete it or they get a letter… List HORSE Competitors and Winners….































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