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16 May 2013; “Afghan Donkey’s Get NO RESPECT!”


16 May 2013; “Afghan Donkey’s Get NO RESPECT!”


Long Warm-up: Partner Up, one person rows 750m at a decent pace, the other does 1 Jumping Air squat for every stroke, then row 500m with 1 Hand Release Push-up every stroke, then row 250m with 1 Burpee every stroke.

WOD: Afghan Donkey’s Get NO RESPECT!

35 minute Hard Cap

Men RX 10-15-25-35-45-55-45-35-25-15-10 in Lbs.

Ladies RX 2.5-5-10-15-25-35-25-15-10-5-2.5 in Lbs.

For time….

Do 20 Overhead Walking Lunges, run to corner of West Main and Audley WITH PLATE and back….you must complete lunges in the Box before running out Bay Door ie No Street Lunging!

Cool Down: 100 Abs of Choice or you may use any combination of what you know