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16 November 2012; Don’t forget about Happy Hour!!!


16 November 2012; Don’t forget about Happy Hour!!!

Don’t forget AllSport CrossFit is having their fourth Happy Hour of the year tonight at Maria Selma’s Mexican Restaurant from 4pm until whenever, there is a bar as well as restaurant with a delicious full menu so kids are welcome as well…come by early at 4pm or join us after the Evening WOD…it’s gonna be a good one!

Daily WOD:

Warm-up: 10 Airsquats, 10 second Handstand Hold RX or Bent Arm Push-up Hold (Chest just off the ground), 8&8, 6&6, 4&4, 2&2

Jog to West Alabama and back

Skill: Backsquat

Strength: Backsquat 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1 working up to a Heavy 1…Do 15 Strictest Possible Push-ups after every work set for a total of 100 GREAT Push-ups

What’s the difference in a One Rep Max (1RM) and a Heavy 1?

A Heavy 1 is the Heaviest Rep you can complete at the end of a long work set, typically 15-25 reps total and should be well below your true 1RM, where a 1 Rep Max is a Goal or Destination that is reached very quickly after warm-up.

Por ejemplo….A Strong(er) Male CrossFitter’s Backsquat might look like 5X315, 4×335, 3X355, 3×370, 3×385, 1×400, 1x 410, 1 x425 where if they approached a 1RM Backsquat they could probably come much closer to the 500lb range for 1 whereas, fatigued, they only hit 425 for a Heavy 1.

Done correctly, you should be very ready to get that Heavy 1 over and done with….it’s a lot of Squatting!!!

WOD: “Corking”

For time….

Row 250m

25 Thrusters holding Slam Ball 30+/20

Row 500m

50 Slam Balls 30+/20

Row 250m

25 Thrusters holding Slam Balls 30+/20

Note* Corking should not be confused with it’s more Sophmoric definition but regular Corking is especially prevalent in any Military Dive or Search and Rescue Schools…Corking is the ultimate prank where an Instructor or other student will stick a wine cork in your snorkel without your knowledge and then will enjoy watching you run out of air and blinding flail around wondering why their equipment is malfunctioning….done correctly, this WOD should make you feel like you have a Cork in your Snorkel…..