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17 October 2012; “The 7000lb Elephant”


17 October 2012; “The 7000lb Elephant”

Warm up 

In Teams of Three, each person rotates through each station

Row 500m, Rolling and PVC Pipe Mobility

Row 250m, Rolling and PVC Overhead Squats

Skill: Rippetoe Revisions 2.0

Revising the Power Clean

Revising the Press (ie Strict Press)

Timed: 3 minutes of Partner Box Jumps, grab a partner of equal jumping ability and go for it…one person works, one person rests Box RX 24″/20″



WOD: The 7000lb Elephant

For time…move 7000lbs Ground to Overhead

Mens RX – 52x Clean to overhead press (135#)

Womens RX – 59x Clean to overhead press (85#)

Cool Down

AMRAP 5 minutes Max Abmat Situps

FYI – Hannibal’s Elephants –

FYI – Differences in Asian and African Elephants –

FYI – Largest Elephant Ever –

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