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18 March 2013; Jive Turkey….


18 March 2013; Jive Turkey….


duck bench

Do you think maybe alcohol was involved in this barefoot, homeless, public park Turkish Duck Up?

Why a Turkey is called a Turkey:

185lb Turkish Get-up:

Warm-up: Jog to West Alabama, progressively increase speed on way back until you finish at a dead sprint.

With a Partner, 10 Push-ups, Wheel Barrow walk to North side of the gym, 10 push-ups, Wheel Barrow walk back South, 50 Press Press Flings

Strength: Bench press 5,5,5,5,5 working up to a Heavy 5.  Those exceeding 225 for their 5th set, add a 6th Burnout set, 225lbs for Max Reps.

Skill: Turkish Get-ups

WOD: 18 Minute AMRAP

Perform 1 Turkish Get-up, then…

5 Single Arm Push-Press

7 Kettle Bell Swings

9 Goblet Squats

Then, perform 2 Turkish Get-ups, repeat…

5 Single Arm Push-Press (alternate to opposite arm)

7 Kettle Bell Swings

9 Goblet Squats

And so on and so forth….

RX is heaviest weight you can throw with safe form and good technique…

Cool Down: 100 Hollow Rocks