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18 November 2013; “Proper Scaling Day 1”


18 November 2013; “Proper Scaling Day 1”

Warmup: Run to JITB, bottom to bottom Tabata Squats, run to JITB

Skill: Perfecting the Airsquat

Strength 1:  Backsquat 5×5

Skill: 1 min Double Under practice after every heavy set

Strength 2: Powerclean 5-5-5-5-5

Skill: Max Muscle Ups, Pull-ups or smallest band Pull-ups after every heavy set

Theory: Proper Scaling

WOD: Sub 10 minute Karen, 150 Wallball for time, Scale to the heaviest weight you can finish Sub 10 with Good Form

Cool down: 100 Sit-ups in sets of 25 with a 25 second plank After each set, transition quickly