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18 October 2012; “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary”


18 October 2012; “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary”

Warm-up – SELF

Strength – 20 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max (1RM) Deadlift

Skill – Pistols and Pistol Progressions

WOD – “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary”

AMRAP 15 minutes…

15 Box Jumps

10 Pistols

5 Reverse Grip Pull-ups (ie Chin Ups)

Cool Down – None

YIKKKEEEEESSS!!!! She looks a tad bit angry……I guess if your Dad had eight wives and beheaded half of them, you would have reason to be a bit of a grumpy butt….

Total score is equal to your Deadlift plus total points from your Mary…




Nursery Rhyme FYI,_Mary,_Quite_Contrary

Mary I FYI –

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