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19 September 2012; “Vizzini”


19 September 2012; “Vizzini”

Warm-up – 2 rounds of jog to Branard and back and 15 Overhead Squats with PVC Pipe

Strength Sumo Deadlift 3×5

Max reps – Ring Pushups 3 sets of Max Reps (Record total number of reps)

WOD – “Vizzini”

AMRAP 16 minutes of…

Max Stepups with Plates, KB, or DB

Mens RX is 25 lb Plates, Ladies RX 15lb Plates

To perform your weighted stepups, you must Bearcrawl the length of the turf down and perform unweighted walking lunges back. You may then go to your box.  You will then do 30 stepups with weight (15 on each leg). To advance to the next round, you must bearcrawl and lunge again.

No Cool Down

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