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2 April 2013; 150 reps, “You Can Have It Your Way…”


2 April 2013; 150 reps, “You Can Have It Your Way…”


Warm-up – Tabata Sit-ups/Jumping Jacks, jog to West Alabama and back

Strength –  Bench press 5×3

WOD – Complete 150 reps for time…

Pick one of the following movements as heavy as possible for your 150 reps…

1. Kettlebell Swings

2. Wallball

3. Slam Ball

Then pick one of the following for every minute on the minute…

A. 5 Clapping Push-ups

B. 4 Burpees

C. 3 Strict Pull-ups

D. 2 Pistols (each leg)

E. 1 Muscle Up (Ring or Bar)

You will complete your buy in movement every minute on the minute and then will have the rest of that minute to chip away at your 150 reps.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Pick the Hard Movement, the heaviest weight etc….this should not be an easy WOD.

Muscle Ups and a 30lb Wallball, Pistols and a 100lb Kettlebell, Strict Pull-ups and a 50lb Slam Ball….that’s the way to go!!!

Cool Down – See Saw Slam Ball Sit-ups x 100


4-2-2013a 4-2-2013b