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2 May 2012 – “Beast of Burden”


2 May 2012 – “Beast of Burden”


Row 1000m 10 Push-ups x Regular, Wide, Tricep

WOD “Beast of Burden”

4 rounds for time of: 400m run

50 Airsquats

*You MUST carry a KettleBell on at least one lap*

*You may GO HEAVY and all KB weights will be subtracted from your final time. For example, a time of 10:00 with one lap at a 53lb KB = a final time of 9:07.  You may carry KB on more than one lap and add that weight as well, so a time of 10:00 with 4 laps with a 100lb KB would give you a time of 3:20.  You must use same weight KB though.














Strength/Skill after WOD
Benchpress 3×5 (add 5lbs to last workout)













Cool Down

 50 Hollow Rocks


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