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2 November 2012; “Highlander: There Can Only Be One”


2 November 2012; “Highlander: There Can Only Be One”


Critically acclaimed as one the worst films ever made, Highlander 2:

The Greatest TV Show Ever:


Warm-up: 3 man Indian Run to West Alabama and back

WOD: “There Can Only Be One”

20 Minute AMRAP…in the form of EMOM Kettlebell

3¬†Burpees, 1 Swing the first minute…

3 Burpees, 2 Swings the second minute…

And so on and so forth….

If you fail and have to stop, rest for 3:00, then finish each round with 3 Burpees and 5 KBs

RX 53/35 (Mens 70lb Option)

WOD 2: NOR Freaking WAY…

TEAM WOD: Max Distance Row in 20 minutes….

Using the same rower….in Nordic Teams of 3-4, all Athletes must Row at least twice…rotate as soon as power output becomes inefficient…ie, you are really tired!!! Play at smart, rotate well and plunder the Village when you are done…

Cool Down: Enjoy your Friday….


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