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20 February 2017


20 February 2017


Warm-up: 3 rounds: 100m run, 100m reverse run, 10x Barbell Good morning, 10x Burpee.

Strength: Work to 1RM Deadlift (Fingers Crossed for PRs from this Cycle!)

WOD: (Getting Ready for the CrossFit OPEN)

5 Rounds:

In 2:00 complete:

  • -7x Overhead Squat (95/65)
  • -Max Burpee Box Jump
  • 2:00 Rest between rounds

Score is Weight and Burpee Box Jumps

Cool Down:

  • 100m 1 arm Farmer Carry (AHAP- Unbroken- Switch hands after 50m)
  • 20x V- up

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