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20 September 2016


20 September 2016


Tuesday 20 September 2016
Warmup: Range of Motion Drills, then 400m Run, 25 inch worms and push-ups, 25m Crab Crawl, 25m Bear Crawl, 25m Broad Jump, then 2:00 of Handstand Hold practice
Strength: Push Press 1 X 3 RM, 1×3@95%, 4×3@90%
WOD: 4 rounds for time…
400m Run
20x Pull-ups
30x Push-ups
40x AbMat Sit-ups
*Wear a Weight Vest if possible
Accessory Post WOD: 4 rounds Untimed of…..
10x SLOW Behind the Neck Strict Press (AHAP but Unbroken)
25m Seated Sled Pull
15x Ring Dips
Durability: 5 rounds (10 minutes total)…
1 Minute Wall Sit
1 Minute Plank Palms down

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