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2014 AllSport CrossFit Classes & Schedule


2014 AllSport CrossFit Classes & Schedule

AllSport CrossFit Friends & Family,

For 2014, we’ve added some additional classes to add flexibility to your schedule!  As always, you must be registered for each and every class you plan on attending. Each class will count towards your membership, so we encourage you to choose our Unlimited Membership so you can enjoy all of our new classes and open gyms without burning through your punch cards or 12 WODs per month.

Be sure to take advantage of our specialty classes – Olympic Lifting, Mobility and Endurance Classes. They add some variation to your normal CrossFit routine and are excellent additions to CrossFit!!!! (Mobility with Coach Bobby, especially, we ALL need this and he is an expert in this subject!!!!)

Please be sure you check our MindBody schedule to ensure all classes are being held.  Class dates and times are subject to change but will always be accurate on MindBody.

We look forward to having all of you as part of our AllSport CrossFit family in 2014!!!

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