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21 July 2012 – “Coach Dustin’s Day!!!”


21 July 2012 – “Coach Dustin’s Day!!!”

Saturday 9AM

Warm Up

– 1min DU/practice
-15 pull ups
-1min DU/practice
-15 push-ups
-1min DU/practice
-15 burpees

Strength/Skill: NONE

Partner WOD

– 1500m TOTAL partner row while one person holds bar at the top of the deadlift (225/135.) *Rowing can only be done while partner is holding bar, as soon as bar is dropped partners must switch spots.
-Goblet lunge relay up and down length of wood (70/53) x 2
-Bear crawl relay up and down x 2
-200 DU buy out or 600 singles TOTAL


Saturday 10AM

Warm up – 500m Row
Hip Mobility Drills
Burgener Warm Up Review/Practice and Explaination

Strength – Squat Snatch explanation/review followed by 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 Finding 1RM

Cool Down – 30 GHD Sit ups and Foam Roll


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