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22 August 2013; Split Personalities


22 August 2013; Split Personalities

Warm-up: 20 Five Alligator Descent/Ascent Pushups

Skill: Hip Driven Benchpress

Strength: Benchpress 5,5,5,5,5

Perform 20 Walking Lunges after every Work Set

Timed: 30 Toes to Bar for time

Announcements: The AllSport CrossFit Challenge….every ASCF Member should compete at least once this year in something….the Open, a CrossFit Competition, an Adventure Race, a 5k or 10k etc….if you are competing in or know of an upcoming event, tell us and we will put an Announcement on our Board

Skill 2: Split Jerk

WOD: Split Jerk Grace

30 Clean and Split Jerks for time


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