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22 June 2016


22 June 2016

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Wednesday June 22, 2016 Day 4-3


800m Run (West Alabama)

Then 4 rounds of…

15 Single Arm KB Swings (Left)

10 Single Arm Snatch (Right)

5 Turkish Get Ups (Left)

Max Double Unders 1 Minute

Strength WOD:

30 Tire Flips or Bodyweight Power Cleans/Bodyweight Back Squats or Sled Pushes (unweighted) or Stone/Heavy Slam ball over shoulder for time

Then 400m Building Lap for total time…

WOD: “Lights Out”

15 minutes for Row, Ride or Ski for Max Calories

Every minute on the minute…perform 4 Toes to Bar or Strict V-Up from Bar

2 Minute Drill: 2 Minute 45# Empty Bar Thrusters/Burpees over the Bar

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