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22 October 2012; “Off the Clock”


22 October 2012; “Off the Clock”

Warm-up – Jog to Corner and back, 30 walking lunges, Jog to Cul De Sac and back, 15 Burpees

Strength – Combine Benchpress 225 x MAX Reps (Or scaled as necessary at logical breaks, 185, 155, 135, 95, 65, 45)

Will Johnson, University of Michigan preparing for NFL Pro Day

Skill – Toes to Bar

Chris Spealler teaches the T2B

WOD – “Off the Clock”

5 rounds of…

MAX Rep Deadlift (245/155)

MAX Rep Ring Pushups

MAX Rep Toes to Bar

Recovery run at good pace to Branard Corner and back each round

*”Off the Clock” is an untimed workout, move through it at your own pace attempting to give an absolute best effort each set.  Scores recorded will be your best individual rounds.

Cool Down – Row 800m

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