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22 September 2012 – “CrossFit Caveman Fall Invitational 2012”


22 September 2012 – “CrossFit Caveman Fall Invitational 2012”

Great job to all of the Competitors from CrossFit Caveman, CrossFit Enigma and AllSport CrossFit. Many thanks to CrossFit Caveman for hosting a great event!!!

Congratulations to Everyone!!!! And THANK YOU THANK YOU to our awesome AllSport CrossFit family and fans who drove out to support!!!!  You all are amazing!!!!!

The AllSport CrossFit Competitors:

Grant Henderson, Logan Clarke, Jeff Hajner, Alex Porter, Nick Mirgeaux, Lee McLaren, Susie Tannery, Jennifer Heitmann, Kris Frost, Lauren Richard, Marie Flanigan, Jackie McLain, Jose Alicea, Jason Bergstrom, Sid Nueno, David Hoffman, John Walter Wilson, Wayne White, Megan Heffley, and John Henry Wilson


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