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23 August 2013; “Dumbo Tabata”


23 August 2013; “Dumbo Tabata”

Warm-up: Row 500m

Strength: Backsquat 3×5 (Add 5 lbs to Mondays 3×5)

Skill: Pistols (scaled) Handstand Walk (advanced)

Announcement: Nutrition Paleo Zone Advocare….AllSports next Paleo Challenge, ASCF End of Summer O Course next Friday…..

WOD: “Dumbo Tabata”

Tabata Dumbbell Frontsquats

Tabata Dumbbell Pushpress

Tabata Dumbbell Squat Cleans

Tabata Dumbbell Renegade Rows

4 rounds of 8 Intervals of 2o seconds on/10 seconds off, rotate movements through each round…1 minute rest between roundS…count Total Reps plus Dumbbell weight ie 216(50)

AWOD: Use Kettlebells 2x53lbs or 2×35 Ladies