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23 November 2013 – “Movember Charity WOD – AllSport Crossfit – Partner Couplet”


23 November 2013 – “Movember Charity WOD – AllSport Crossfit – Partner Couplet”



Hello Mo Bros and Mo Sistas,

As you’re well aware, Movember is right around the corner, and many manly gents that you see in your daily lives will soon be growing mustaches to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers, and men’s health. In 2012 alone, Movember raised over $21 million dollars for charity in the US!

In the spirit of health, awareness, and charity, AllSport CrossFit has agreed to host a Movember Charity WOD to raise funds which will be donated to a variety of men’s health organizations.

The cost to participate in this event is $15 per team. All funds raised will be given to charity. You will NOT be charged for using a class at ASCF if you attend this event (thanks Susie).

This WOD will be a partner workout, and a couplet.

WOD #1:
Will be 16 minute AMRAP workout. 2 minutes per movement (8 movements total). 1 person per team working at a time. Total reps. (Sort of like FGB with 8 different stations)

P – Pushups (hand release)
R – Row for calories
O – Overhead squat (95/65)
S – Snatch (95/65)
T – Thruster (95/65)
A – Ab mat sit ups
T – Turkish getups (53/35)
E – Burpees

~~3 minute rest~~

WOD #2:
AMRAP. Max team wall balls in 10 minutes. 1 Person working at a time.


Extra Points!!
If you would like to earn extra points to count towards your team score, each team member may opt to participate in any of the additional activities which will earn your team points (at your own risk):

-Drinking a beer during the 3 minute rest will earn your team 25 points

-Doing a handstand hold for 30 seconds after the beer is finished will earn your team an additional 25 points

-Growing or wearing a mustache during the workout will earn your team 50 points (girls can participate as well with drawn on, or sticky mustaches)

MANLY PRIZES will be awarded to each member of the top 3 teams who finish this event with the maximum total points.

If you’d like to participate, please sign up on MindBody for November 23rd. There will be 3 waves for the event, beginning at 9am. If you don’t sign up online, you will be a spectator.

Please note you will be required to sign a waiver to participate in this event.