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24 October 2012; “Cindy’s older unstable sister, Jan…”


24 October 2012; “Cindy’s older unstable sister, Jan…”

Too funny…Jan Visit’s the Guidance Counselor –

Middle Child Syndrome FYI

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle – Music Video about Jan Brady – Great Song


Warm-up – PVC Mobility, Jog to West Alabama, PVC Mobility

Skill – The Sit and Reach

Strength – Dumbbell Thruster 5,5,5,5,5


WOD – “Cindy’s older unstable sister, Jan”

AMRAP 25 Minutes

Buy in…run one East Side Lap, then…

AMRAP Remaining time of….

5 True Push-ups (45# Plate Mens/Womens RX)

10 Slam Ball (30/20)

15 Wall Ball (20/14)

20 Leg Levers (Single Count)

Equipment will be set up in the following way, Push-ups by and under the Pull-up Rig, Slam Balls set up between the two Oly platform runways, Wall balls on the Astroturf, Leg Levers by the big door…Athletes should have to move a considerable distance between each station…No Gaming This One!!!!

Cool Down – 3x 30 Second L-Sits or L-Hangs

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