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25 January 2013; “Renegade ROWing Ladder”


25 January 2013; “Renegade ROWing Ladder”


Warm-up – Self 5 minutes

Timed – 50 Burpees for time

Skill – Renegade Rows

Timed 2 – 2000m Row for time

Record time and get in line for RR Ladder

WOD – “Renegade Row Ladder”

50 secs on/10 secs off…of…

Renegade Row Ladder…

Perform 2 Burpees and then as many Renegade Rows as possible in remainder of time…

SCORE equals Total number of Renegade Rows completed plus Heaviest Dumbbell Rowed

i.e. 266 (65lbs)

So two scoreable Bragging points here, both the number of Reps and the Heaviest Weight Rowed…so pick your Poison, one or BOTH!

Cool Down – 100 Abmat Situps for time