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25 July 2015 – “Partner Hero WOD: Carse”


25 July 2015 – “Partner Hero WOD: Carse”



“Indian Run” to W. Alabama and back, Sprint to front and Pass a Med Ball back, Sprint to front)

2 Groups, Fast (14#) and Slow (8#)

WOD:  Partner HERO WOD. “Carse

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
95/65 pound Squat clean
185/135 pound Deadlift
24/20″ Box jump
Begin each round with a 50 meter Bear crawl.

BOTH Partners perform Bear Crawl, but otherwise only one person working at a time to accumulate reps.

Cool Down (Optional and On Your Own):  3 Rounds:  20 GHD Sit-ups, Sprint to Audley


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