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25 June 2013; “Odds On….”


25 June 2013; “Odds On….”

6-25-2013cWarm-up: Run Eastside with North Audley as a jog, Eastside as a Sprint, South Audley as a jog then….

Tabata Mountain Climbers 20 secs on, 10 secs off…8 rounds

Strength: Back squat 3×5 (Add 5lbs Men/2.5lbs Women) to last 3×5

Skill: Push Press/Push Jerk….

WOD: “Odds On…”

15 minute AMRAP of…

1 Push Press/Push Jerk, 1 Pull-up, 3,3,5,5,7,7 etc….

RX 135/95

Score is highest movement completed…ie 15 PushJerk, 17 Pull-ups

Advanced WOD: Same as above….

Substitute 155/105 for weight and Ring Pull-ups

Cool Down: 100 Leg Levers