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26 November 2013; “Dead Turkey Walking”


26 November 2013; “Dead Turkey Walking”

11-26-2013Warm-up: Row 2000m, foam roll an equivalent time

Clinic: Kipping Pull-ups and Muscle ups

Strength: 8 minute AMRAP, the 100 Pull-up Challenge

If you’ve done 100 RX pull-ups before in a WOD, take it to the next level….

Do the pull-ups reverse grip, mountain climber grip, chest to bar or with a weight vest

26 November 2013; “Dead Turkey Walking”

WOD: 12 minute AMRAP of…


30 Back squats

30 Front squats

30 Overhead squats

20 Back squats

20 Front squats

20 Overhead squats

10 Back squats

10 Front squats

10 Overhead squats

Use the remaining time to complete as many Burpee pull-ups as possible…

Advanced RX 95/65

Intermediate 75/55

Beginner PVC to Empty Bar

*If you are using a band to complete your pull-ups, do sets of ten pull-ups and ten Burpees….