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27 March 2015 – “15.5”


27 March 2015 – “15.5”

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Warm- up: 4 Rounds (change each time with bar):  Run to Audley, 8 Burpees, 12 (Press, Push Press, Front Squat, Thruster) with Bar
For Time: 2000 Meter Row
WOD:  15.5
Cool Down:  50 Abmat Sit-ups / 1:00 Plank Times 3


27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Row (calories)

Men use 95 lb.
Women use 65 lb.

This workout begins seated on the rower with the monitor set to zero calories. At the call of “3-2-1 … go,” the athlete will grab the handle and begin rowing. Once you have rowed 27 calories you will move to the barbell for 27 thrusters, then back to the rower for the round of 21, and so forth. Each time you return to the rower you or your judge must reset the monitor to zero before rowing.

Every second counts in this workout. Your score will be the time it takes to complete all 144 repetitions. There is no time cap for this workout.

This workout ends when the final rep of the thruster is locked out overhead. Time will be recorded in full seconds. Do not round up. If you finish in 9:25.7, your score is 9:25.

• An indoor rower with a monitor that measures calories
• Barbell
• Collars
• Plates to load to the appropriate weight for your division

For each workout, be sure the athlete has adequate space to safely complete the event. Clear the area of all extra equipment, people or other obstructions.

*The official weight is in pounds. For your convenience, the minimum acceptable weights in kilograms are 43 / 29 kg for Rx’d, 29 / 20 kg for Scaled, Masters 55+ and Teens, and 20 / 15 kg for Scaled Masters 55+ and Scaled Teens.

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