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28 December 2012; “Rainy Rowing Lynne”


28 December 2012; “Rainy Rowing Lynne”

lynn_swann_1973_09_22Lynn Swann Wiki

Warm-up: Squat Therapy…

Strength: Backsquat 3×5…if squatting over 300lbs Men or 200lbs Ladies for 5, substitute the final set for 20×225 or 20×155 FOR TIME respectively…ASCF’s record (David T. judged by Jeff H., 34.5 seconds)….Joe M., Lee M., Grant H. are you guys up for the challenge?

WOD: “Rainy Rowing Lynne”

Five untimed rounds of….

1. Bodyweight Benchpress Max Reps

2. Max Pull-ups

3. Row 500m for time

Post single best efforts to the white board….

Cool Down: 100 Abmat Rocky Sit-ups for time