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29 June – “Head to Head”


29 June – “Head to Head”


WOD:”Head to Head”

Each partner completes one part of the couplet, then switches.  The object is the perform the “A” section as quickly as possible so your partner has less time to complete the reps on “B”.  Workout starts with a “plank off” to see who starts “A” first. Winner of 2 out of 3 wins

1.  A: 500m row
B: Hang Power Clean (115/75)

2   A: 50 Box Jumps
B: KB Swings (Rus 32/24)

3.  A: 50 Wall Balls
B:  Burpees


Strength Class

Heavy Sled Back and Forth 4 Times


Sand bag get ups

weighted ring dips

burpee box jump over