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29 October 2012; “Avoid The Noid”


29 October 2012; “Avoid The Noid”

The kids and I waited 2 and a half hours for our Paleo Cheat Day Pizza Delivery Saturday night….whatever happened to 30 minutes or it’s free…???

Susie was living in Brasil when the Noid was popular so for those that don’t remember…

Wikipedia report…

Snopes report…


Warm-up: 500m Row then 1:00 each 6 Speed Pushups, Sit-ups, and Squats

Skill(s): Squat and Press Revisited

Strength 1: Backsquat 3×5 (Add 3 to 5lbs to last 3×5)

Strength 2: Press 3×5 (Add 1-2lbs to last 3×5)

WOD: “Avoid the Noid”

12 minute AMRAP of…..

10 Bumper Plate Tricep Push-ups (45/25)

10 Bumper Plate Burpees (45/25)

Walking lunges around the pizza box with Bumper plate extended overhead (45/25)

Cool Down: Muscle Up Practice


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