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3 August 2012 – “Derek Zoolander”


3 August 2012 – “Derek Zoolander”


Run to Jack in the Box and Back, any time you are in the W Main Cul de Sac, Run Backwards

10 OHS with a PVC Pipe, 9 Push-ups, 8 OHS with a PVC Pipe, 7 Push-ups……


Benchpress 3×5




WOD 1: “Derek Zoolander”

400m (8 rounds of 50m walk from Backdoor to end of driveway): Farmers Carry

AS Heavy As Possible (note we have 100lb dumbbells and kettle bells but we WILL not use barbells

Any time you drop the weight (set it down), perform 5 Burpees on the spot (out of the way of the rest of the athletes)

WOD2: AMRAP 12 minutes of….
12 Overhead Squats at 1/2 Bodyweight
12 Floor Press (Benchpress) at 1/2 Bodyweight


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMANDA!  One of our awesome Mommies!!!!!



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