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3 May 2012 – “50 of WHAT???”


3 May 2012 – “50 of WHAT???”

AllSport CrossFit Folks –
Its getting REALLY HOT in the Box; I had a hard time today with the long run myself! You should be drinking water all day long prior to coming to class (or if you come early in the morning, please be drinking water the night before).
Please DO NOT wait until DURING class to drink your water.
Also, our Gatorade cups aren’t going to cut it for amount of the water you need during these WODs, so PLEASE bring your own water bottle with you to refill during class. We understand you may forget your water bottle and we are happy to provide the cups, but bringing your own BIG BOTTLE is a good idea! You can pour out the water after your class and leave it on top of the book case if you want to leave it there. Put your name on it!
Just a friendly note from Coach Susie



Run to Jack in the Box and Back

Box pushes 5x each













Front Squat review…Zercher Squat overview and explanation

3×10 Front Squat

2×10 Zercher Squat


















WOD: “50 of WHAT???”

50 Wall Balls (AHAP = As Heavy As Possible)

Audley Lap

50 Slam Balls (AHAP)

Post time and total weight to board


Cool Down:



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