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4 October 2013; “Heavy Diane”


4 October 2013; “Heavy Diane”

Warm-up: Row 250 m legs only, row 250 m arms only, then row 500 m

Strength: Deadlift 5,5,5,5,5

Advanced Strength: Untimed Heavy Diane

21-15-9 of Deadlift 245-275# (Men)/#175 (Women), Handstand Pushups

Complete Diane in under 20 minutes in as few sets as possible ie unbroken, go for the biggest sets, not the fastest time

WOD: Off the clock for total reps…five rounds of….

Jog 400 m, Max Pull-ups, Max Squat Cleans RX 135/95…

Rest between rounds as needed, list your best round and worst round….

IE…35/9 Pull-ups, 15/4 Cleans RX

Advanced WOD: Muscle ups and 155/105 Cleans, same format as above