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30 March 2012 -“Tabata Continuous Count!”


30 March 2012 -“Tabata Continuous Count!”

Someone asked Coach Susie the other day about getting bulky and thankfully, the same day, her friend Cherie sent her this article (Thanks, Cherie!). This is a GREAT READ for those that are on the fence about doing CrossFit and what it does to your body and the fear your body may become “bulky”!  Take the time to absorb some of the great insight CrossFit South Bay has to offer. Think of the word “Strong” versus “Bulky!”  Courtesy of CrossFit South Bay.

….and here is a great pyramid of what we should be eating Paleo-style. Courtesy of CrossFit TNL Tampa. Keep up the great work, stay strong but cherish any cheat meals!!! I certainly do (Coach Susie).




Run to Colquitt Dead End and Back

10 Minutes of Rolling, PVC Mobility, Banding

Run to Colquitt Dead End and Back



Row 500 Meters for Warm-up

Row 500 Meters FOR TIME


WOD – “Tabata Continous Count”

Keeping Continuous Count, while performing work during 20 Seconds then Resting 10 Seconds for 8 Rounds


Bottom to Bottom Push-ups


Bottom to Bottom Squats







































Reminder of the FREE Friends and Family Class tomorrow, 31 March 2012 at 0800 and a regular CrossFit Class at 0900 for our Regular Members!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

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