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30 March 2015 – “Fran-ish”


30 March 2015 – “Fran-ish”


AllSport-ers at the BattleFrog Series Race

Kiana, Payal, Scott, Lauren and Tim


Warm-up:  Run to Branard, 100 Jumprope, Run to Audley, 50 Jumprope

Line Drills / Mobility

Skill:  Max Box Jump

Max Broad Jump

WOD 1:  “Fran-ish”

(Scaled; go towards doing RXd,

RX, change it up and do dumbbell thrusters and ring pull-ups)

Cool Down:  3 Rounds:  20 Leg Levers, 20 Flutter Kicks, 20 Sit-ups



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