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31 January 2013; “Free Day…”


31 January 2013; “Free Day…”

Pick One of the Following WODs…

21-15-9 of Front Squat 225/155 from Rack and Hand Stand Push-ups


9-15-21 of Back Squat 245/170 from Rack and Strict Hand Stand Push-ups

All effort should be made to go inverted on today’s HSPUs so if this means using 5 Abmats and two blue bands to get upside down, do it!!! A great many of AllSports Athletes have the strength to do HSPUs or modified HSPUs but need more confidence upside down…work on that today!!!


In the remaining time, before or after as racks become available….complete the following tests…

1. Eastside Lap for Time

2. Annie 50-40-30-20-10  of Double Unders and Abmat Sit-ups