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31 July 2012 – “Skipping???? Really????”


31 July 2012 – “Skipping???? Really????”


Run to Buffalo Speedway and back (Run to Jack in the Box, make a right on Richmond, go all the way to the light at Buffalo Speedway and head back)

Broad Jump Across Turf from Bay to Back door



3X5 Front Squat (Warm up, then for the 3 sets of 5, STAY AT THE SAME WEIGHT!)


WOD: “Skipping, REALLY?”

6 Rounds:

16 Ab Mat Sit-ups

8 Power Cleans (135/95)

4 Burpees

2 Push Press (135/95)

Skip (yes, Skip) to Cone in Middle of Cul de Sac and Back


Cool Down (Time Permitting)

50 Hollow Rocks

50 Super Mans


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