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4 March 2014; Last Ascent…


4 March 2014; Last Ascent…

Warm-up: Tabata Burpees, Tabata Double Unders

Conditioning: Teams of 2-3, 15:00 Row for Max Distance, rotate every 2:00

Skill: Backsquat and Tall Box Jumps

WOD: Last Ascent (A Sub 4 Benchmark WOD)

5-10-15 Backsquats 225/155 and Box Jumps 30/24″

*Note, we have 13 Squat Racks, partner up and judge, time, motivate each other….go heavy with good form, if you finish in Sub 4, it should be at the RXd weight. Challenge yourself!!!!

AWOD: K2 Last Ascent

5-10-15/50-100-150 of Backsquat 245/165, Box jumps 30/24 and Double Unders